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Our Mission.

Determining the exact amount to put away to reach your savings goals can be overwhelming, and many just don’t know where to start. SAVE 10 is focused on simplicity.

This campaign empowers employers to help put their employees on the path to save, and toward eventually saving at least 10% of their income.

There are two truths about retirement savings in America:

1)Most Americans need to save more and
2) Most aren’t doing enough of it on their own.

Nearly 82% of employees save for retirement when their employers offer an Auto Save program – compared with just 64% when employers do not. SAVE 10 aims to fundamentally change these facts.

SAVE 10 is a business to business, peer to peer effort to encourage responsible employers to help their employees better prepare for a secure retirement by enabling them to SAVE 10% of their income, including through automatic savings programs.

Keys to Saving Success!

The cornerstone of SAVE 10 is to encourage “Auto Save”!

Over 40% of large 401(k) programs are already using automatic enrollment – or Auto Save – to help employees save more for retirement. Auto Save allows employers to automatically opt-in their employees into a retirement savings plan.

Auto Save has another component – auto escalation, where employee retirement withholdings are automatically increased over time. Auto escalation can dramatically increase retirement savings without employees feeling a dramatic paycheck pinch. Employees always have the option to opt-out, but research shows the vast majority do not and are better prepared for retirement.

When Employer-Sponsored Plans are unavailable, Enroll in an IRA
Did you know there are tax incentives to help people of all income levels save for retirement, even for people without an employer-sponsored retirement plan? Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are an effective method of saving for retirement while also saving on your tax bill. So even if you don’t have a workplace retirement plan, it’s still easy to get started saving for retirement. You can learn all about the ABC’s of starting an IRA here. And remember, to make it simple, just SAVE 10!

Stay Prepared
Being prepared for a disability, death, and other curves life can throw is an essential part of planning for retirement. Every person’s situation is different, so assessing your insurance needs is a sound piece of planning for retirement. If you aren’t sure how to get started, there are many resources available, and here is just one to help you on your way.

Why Join the Save 10 Coalition?

SAVE 10 is a coalition of best-in-class employers and resource partners who offer, are committed to offering, or are helping Americans achieve retirement security through Saving 10%.

Be a part of the movement.

  • Demonstrate your company’s willingness to help address America's low savings rate through offering Auto Save programs and/or enabling employees to Save 10%
  • Distinguish your company as a good corporate citizen
  • Build on your reputation of caring for your employees
  • Help your employees value your responsible investment in their futures
  • Help your company excel in employer ratings overall and within your industry

take the pledge!

SAVE 10 members can help close the retirement savings gap by committing to:
  • Lend your name and logo to public awareness and marketing efforts as a partner and endorser of the campaign and Auto Save.
  • Be a part of this campaign to raise the profile of good employers.
  • committed to helping their employees. This requires no financial commitment.
  • Be invited to participate in earned media efforts and events with industry leaders, both in Washington and regionally.
  • Be an ambassador within your industry for Auto Save.
  • Have access to SAVE 10’s digital and graphic branding for your related communications, internal publications, employee intranets and other communications channels.