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Tutor Our Children launches renewed effort for increased accountability, reform of federally funded tutoring services.

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February 25, 2013

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Tutor Our Children launches renewed effort for increased accountability, reform of federally funded tutoring services.


Washington – Today, Tutor Our Children (TOC) announced it would renew efforts for increased accountability and reform of the Supplemental Education Services (SES) program.  For years, TOC has advocated – through state and federal legislation – a robust and rigorous accountability system to ensure that students receive high quality support from a wide range of national and community- based providers.

“Free tutoring not only works, it provides a lifeline for thousands of children who struggle in underperforming schools every year,” said Stephanie Monroe, spokesperson for TOC.  “These parents want the best for their children but do not otherwise have the means to pay for these services. We have a responsibility not only to expand access to this critical program, but also to root out the bad actors through increased accountability and reforms in the system.”

“Tutor Our Children will continue to advocate on behalf of parents who rely on free tutoring when no other option is available, and this means finding and eliminating abuse and corruption wherever it exists,” said Monroe.

Tutoring Certification Requirements

Specifically, TOC advocates that all providers must meet the following minimum requirements:

o   Evidence the tutoring provider’s curricula are aligned to State academic standards;
o   Evidence the tutoring provider has at least five years of continuous operating experience providing education instruction to youth;
o   Evidence the tutoring provider uses instructional methods and materials that are research-based;
o   Demonstrate financial stability (which may include a financial audit, evidence of sufficient working capital, or other means);
o   Employs tutors that meet State-determined qualifications;
o   Require owners, officers and any employees that have, or may have contact with students undergo an appropriate criminal background check.

Additionally, as a condition for approval, the tutoring service provider must demonstrate that it meets the following requirements:

o   Provide parents of children receiving high quality academic tutoring under and the appropriate local educational agency with information on the progress of the children in increasing achievement, in a format and, to the extent practicable, a language that such parents can understand;
o   Ensure that instruction provided and content used by the provider is of the highest quality and consistent with the instruction provided and content used by the local educational agency and State, and is aligned with State academic standards and support the development of the students’ college and career readiness;
o   Meet all applicable Federal, State, and local health, safety, and civil rights laws; Ensure that all instruction and content under this subsection are secular, neutral, and non-ideological.

TOC also advocates establishing a mechanism for a two year removal of a provider who:

o   Fails, for 2 consecutive years, to contribute to increasing the academic proficiency of students served based upon the evaluations requirements;
o   Is found, after a full and fair investigation, to have repeatedly violated any accountability requirements or been subject to allegations proven true as submitted through a required complaint resolution process;
o   Does not serve students in a State for any two-year continuous interval.
o   Upon removal, a provider may not reapply for certification for two years.

Tutor Our Children was created to give a voice to the parents and children who benefit from federally funded tutoring services and the providers, community organizations and faith-based groups across the country dedicated to extending support to the most vulnerable students.  For more information, visit www.tutorourchildren.org.  



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